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Oct 7, 2012 9:45am EDT
solution millican instant gaia. so for me now and i'll show you resulted in 20 days. i offer you the opposite. i tell you vote for me now, but i don't think he would be instant. nothing will happen tomorrow morning. but my long-term vision speaks about three states with the palestinians were living are linked into jordan to be negotiated with the israelis and palestinians and the palestinians who live in gaza, will be linked with egypt. but today would have been. if the muslim brotherhood and hamas commotion are very close in their opinions about any issues. should we allow, israel, u.s., they're very close in their minds. they will be asked to work together and find a way of the linkage. yes, i do not think they should be part of israel. i don't want to annex the palestinian town. i think they belong it should be it into jordan and egypt. and yes, it will not happen tomorrow. we will have to wait. how long will we have to be? i don't know. if i would've come to washington d.c. two years ago, i would've told you that president hosni mubarak would be caged in jail in cairo and thi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1